Email Addressed and Phone Numbers Remover: a WordPress plugin to save privacy

email remover

Hurried about your blog’s privacy? A lot of contacts are pubblished on your pages and u don’t want to spread them all around the world.

Now a new plugin can help u to save the privacy of your blog. It’s "Email addressed and Phone Numbers Remover". It can protect u and your visitors privacy by removing all the contacts (email addressed and phone numbers) present on the post’s comments. This plugin will insert a fake string to substitute the real address.

Now u can sleep relaxed and no contacts will be pubblished. Visit the official repository to download and install it.

Download WordPress Plugin

5 pensieri su “Email Addressed and Phone Numbers Remover: a WordPress plugin to save privacy

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  3. Bart Gibby, Utah SEO Constultant

    This would be perfect for me, except it no longer functions.

    I have a website where people keep putting email addresses and phone numbers into the blog’s comments.

    They then get scammed by con artists, I have been manually removing the personal information but I miss some on occasion. It would be great to have this plug-in working again.

  4. admin Autore articolo

    there is a problem with the plugin folder… there is a folder that contains another folder and it is wrong. Just remove the parent folder manually (via ftp or ssh) and leave the nested folder. Hope this could help,

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